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Wanted: Volunteers

We're always looking for volunteers! No experience required because this is where you gain that "3 years of experience for an entry level position".

You should have an interest in market research or learning more about consumer behaviour and polling in general. Any program and any year of study is welcomed! As volunteers, you will be helping with everything so you can gauge whether or not you prefer survey design, polling, data analysis or publishing.

For every survey, we have volunteers come out to a "Survey Design" workshop lead by our Marketing Research Manager. There volunteers take our survey drafts and provide feedback on the questions asked and theme the question is hoping to investigate. Volunteers can voice their opinions and make direct changes to our surveys.

Then comes polling. "Polling Parties" takes place on campus and in-person. Volunteers will meet with an Executive Volunteer (Marketing Research Manager, Analytics & Content Specialist or Director) at a designated location at the Waterloo campus. From there, the volunteers will take the printed out surveys, grab a handful of LSP pencils and begin polling the students around campus. A sufficient sample size is 400 students and will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete polling, depending on how many pollsters are available.

After polling is the data analysis. We hold "Data Analysis Parties" in a computer lab on campus and begin inputting the data from our surveys and interpreting with SPSS and Excel. As with every "party", there will be snacks for volunteer to enjoy.

Lastly, it's the publication and report writing. Volunteers will work with the Analytics & Content Specialist to visualize the data so it's quick to disseminate information and shared across social media. In the report writing, volunteers and our executive volunteer will assemble the results into our report to be finalized and published at the of the year with a list of all the volunteers that contributed.

The final report is to reward and credit all the hard work that goes into making LSP possible. And of course, to show off to your peers, family, friends and at job interviews.

If you feel like this is something you want to get involved with, leave your email with us and hang out with LSP at any of our "parties"!

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