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Wanted: Volunteers

We're hiring volunteers for the remainder of the 2022 year! No experience required because this is where you gain that "2 years of experience for an entry level position".

You should have an interest in market research, graphic design or learning more about consumer behaviour and polling in general. Any program and any year of study is welcomed! As a general volunteer, you will be doing a little bit of everything which will allow you to familiarize yourself with different areas of market research including; survey design, polling, data analysis and publishing.

For each survey, general volunteers will have the opportunity of assisting in the design and theme of surveys with the Director of Laurier Student Poll. Before each survey is conducted, meetings will be coordinated by the Director that will facillitate survey building, scheduling, data collection procedures, and publishing goals for the Laurier Student Poll team.

Volunteers will then be responsible for executing surveys on campus and ensuring proper data collection is achieved. Volunteers will poll students on campus in teams as coordinated by the Director using printed surveys. Once the proper sample size has been surveyed, general volunteers will assist the Director in inputting data and interpreting SSPS results. From there volunteers will assist the Director in publishing the results as an official survey on the Laurier Student Poll website and if possible, printed issues of The Cord. Volunteers will be able to use published surveys in future portfolios or employment opportunities.

Interested in developing skills in marketing and data collection? Join the team by submitting a brief platform outlining your interest in the role, and why you would be successful to laurierstudentpoll@wlusp.com. You will then be contacted for an interview.

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